Booking Requirements:

1. Pro-forma Contract of Lease w/ option to purchase
2. Client / Buyer Info Sheet
3. 2 valid Government-issued ID’s
4. Postdated checks for lease deposit (2 months worth)

Requirements to Process Early Move-In:

1. Full payment of lease deposit (2-3 months)
2. Dated check covering 3 months advance condo dues payable to Condo Corporation
3. Signed Contract of Lease
4. At least 24 postdated checks for lease rental + remaining PDC’s to complete 120 PDC’s (If not complete 120 PDC’s, sign Undertaking to complete in 2 months)
5. Pre-signed Contract to Sell and Deed of Absolute Sale
6. Declaration of occupants

Requirements on the Actual Move-In:
1. Building administration will require 24 PDC’s to cover forthcoming Condo Dues
2. Signing of Unit Acceptance

Lease Restrictions:
1. All Paid Lease Rentals are not transferable.
2.No sub-leasing allowed.
3.No occupants beyond the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity of the lessee-buyer.



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